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NMC Application Documents - How to apply in English and the steps involved in the process


English may be the language used most often in the Nursing and Healthcare world and can be...

English may be the language used most often in the Nursing and Healthcare world and can be a difficult language to speak and understand when it is not your native language.

At times it can be even more difficult to use in formal situations like the completing of application forms and legal documents.  The application process for nursing registration forms required for the country you wish to work in have a lot of detailed questions that require clear concise answers.  Nurses applying from overseas in countries like Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Greece and internationally may need assistance in understanding what the forms are asking you to do. At Kate Cowhig International Healthcare Recruitment we assist nurses both graduates and experienced in making the registration process of applying to the UK Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) a lot easier for the job seeker especially if English is not your first language. We know that just recently the NMC has made some significant changes to its registration process which graduate and experienced nurses should be made aware of.  Below are the correct steps which must be followed to ensure that all applications are completed properly.  

The timeframes for the NMC to process applications has increased due to significant processing delays.  Therefore the time it takes to assess the application is more than 6 weeks.

  1)     To reduce the waiting times as much as possible student and experienced nurses should request the application pack immediately. 2)     To request a pack you have to complete your details online at this link https://forms.nmc-uk.org/Forms/eurequest NOTE:  If you don’t receive a pack within 1-2 weeks, request the pack again. 3)     It is VERY IMPORTANT that any applications sent to the NMC with Translations and certifications are done correctly in the way the NMC specify or else your application is at risk of being rejected.   The NMC process works like this and can ONLY be done this way:
  •  A Lawyer or Notary certifies the photocopies of your documents as true copies of the originals – therefore he/she must state that they have seen the originals and the photocopies are true copies of the originals and put a stamp on each page.  If the Lawyer or Notary writes any declaration or anything in any language other than English, the NMC cannot read this so it is very important to have the Lawyers or Notaries Declaration(s) translated to English.
  • Then use an Official Translator (so not an English Teacher or someone who understand English) to translate the Nursing Certificate, Letter from the Order & the Criminal Certificate and they can also translate the Lawyers or Notary’s Declaration.  The person translating the documents must state that they are an official translator and have an official stamp or put their declaration on official letterhead.

If you submit your NMC documents this way, your application will go through without any delays.

As always the Kate Cowhig Recruitment Team can help you with any queries you may have. You can email the team at info@kcrjobs.com with your query or alternatively contact the National Midwifery Council directly. Their details can be found on our website here Don’t Delay.. Apply Today!    
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